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Free Baccarat Game

Try free baccarat game provided by Rushmore Casino especially for BaccaratDoc.com. This game allows you to play for $1000 fun money without downloading any extra software. Make usual baccarat bets and play for up to $250 per bet for fun money. Learn how to play baccarat game with the help of professional casino software and see your winnings increase with the help of your baccarat tips.

You can also try playing this game at Rushmore casino by pressing “download” button above. This way you can see how good you are in the game played for real money.

Baccarat Game Rules

  • 1. Baccarat game is a game between a player and a dealer.
  • 2. Player is given a fun balance of $1,000.
  • 3. Each bet has a bet limit of $1 - $250.
  • 4. Game features a history mode that saves all previous game results.
  • 5. Unlike many other games the player has to choose the bet first and than choose the amount of chips he/she wants to bet.
  • 6. The player does not make any game decisions as the game is played automatically.