Baccarat Table - From Classic to Online Game

The game of baccarat is played at a special casino table which seats up to 14 players. The places are numbered 1-15, while the number 13 is omitted because of the superstition that it brings bad luck. Most online baccarat games are played at a special baccarat table which has a place for one player only.

The typical baccarat table consists of two identical ends with numbered places for the players and a middle area for the game croupier.

Take a look at the image below to see all the details.

Areas on the Baccarat Table (land casinos)

Areas on the Baccarat Table

Any player can take any open seat, the position has no influence on the game at all. Each seat provides three betting areas "Banker", "Player" or "Tie". The players place the bets and the dealer announces "No more bets".

The dealer stands between seats number 15 and 1 and can also be called a "caller" or "croupier". The task of the dealer is to direct the play of the game and make calls on the hands.

Two other dealers (dealer 2 and dealer 3) serve the players at the table. Dealer 1 helps players 8-15 and dealer two serves players 1-7. They also are responsible for paying out the wins and taking away losing bets.

As the players have to pay a 5% commission on each winning banker bet, each wager should be tracked. The numbered slots in the middle stand for the commission each player owes the casino.

Mini Baccarat Table Scheme

Mini Baccarat Table Scheme

The table for the Mini baccarat game is almost the same as the one for the original game, however it seats only 7 players. There is one dealer that performs the functions of all three dealers of the original baccarat.

Similar to original game, the mini baccarat features seats for players and each seat has three betting circles, for player, banker and tie bets. The shoe and chips in Mini baccarat are placed just like in blackjack.

In order to place your bet you put the chips in the circle representing player, banker hands or a tie.

Online Baccarat Table

Online Baccarat Table

Online Baccarat table is by all means a small copy of the original game table, except it seats one player only. The baccarat rules for online casinos are almost the same - the player makes the bet either on Player, Banker or a tie or altogether as he/she wishes and the dealer deals two cards per player and banker hands.

After that, each hand may or may not be dealt a third card. The hands are compared and the hand with the highest score wins. Losing bets are taken away by the casino and the winning bets are paid out.

Online Vegas Baccarat Game Online Vegas Baccarat
  • History - yes
  • Bet limits - 1 to 500
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